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Acid Stained Concrete

One of KDA's specialties is cleaning, scoring and acid staining of concrete floors including commercial, residential, interior, and exterior.  We can create almost any design you need.  Some slabs that have been covered with tile or wood are in need of an overlay system for us to be able to stain it.

Please  remember that no slab is the same.  This is why every job that we do is unique and may not necessarily be the exact product of what you had expected.  It is a process and an art. 

Stone Tone Stain Colors

Scoring and Staining (New Construction)

For interior new construction, please make sure that the slab is slick, hard, and power troweled. This allows us to achieve a marble-like and polished finish.
For exterior slip resistant new construction, please make sure that the concrete has a heavy rock salt finish.

Scoring and Staining (Existing / Remodel)

When you have a concrete slab that has had tile, carpet, vinyl, or linoleum, your concrete will most likely have stains and blemishes. When KDA Custom Floor Co. starts your remodel project, we will clean your floor with several different chemicals to remove as much of the glue, paint, and such. Please note that all of these stains will not come off. The remaining stains and blemishes give your floor its character and unique personality.

  • Please read our Remodel Awareness for more information


The slab is the finished floor!! It must be protected at all times. You may use masonite sheets or paper and tape.

• Do not tape directly to the floor!!
• Do not write on slab except with a pencil.
• Do not walk on slab until it is dry.
• Do not drag anything across the floor!!